John Schimon, MD (Mud Doctor) has been a contractor specializing in adobe repair and restoration since 1995. His company can help you troubleshoot, pinpoint and solve problem areas with your adobe home, and you can have the confidence that you are receiving this information from an experienced, licensed contractor.

The proper repair & preservation of adobe
can accurately be described as an art form. There are correct methods of restoration and maintenance that when properly employed will enhance and prolong the life of your adobe. There are also incorrect methods and incorrect use of repair materials that can literally spell doom for your adobe and result in the acceleration of deterioration.

For example, putting a thick coat of stucco over an old mud adobe home can be among one of the poorest preservation choices you can make. Many people have done just this, believing that it will solve their severe deterioration problems when in fact it may greatly accelerate the problem. One of the most important and critical questions when it comes to evaluating sound solutions for your adobe problems is “What is causing the deterioration in the first place?” No corrective or restoration method should be initiated until this question is thoroughly answered.

It is our endeavor to help you determine the “problem” and provide you with solutions to resolve the issue.